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SZL Coal-Fired Steam / Hot-Water Boilers

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Product Range

Steam boiler
Rated evaporation: lt/h - 20t/h
Rated working pressure: 0.7MPa - 2.5MPa

Hot water boiler
Rated thermal power: 0.7MW - 14MW
Specific parameters are shown in Table4

Structural features of this series of products

  • Double-drum water-pipe chain grate boiler. Boiler consists of upper body and lower furnace chain. Separate from the factory, field installation.
  • Boiler drums are arranged longitudinally up and down the boiler center. Boiler drums and water wall tubes on both sides form radiation heating surface in the furnace, and tube bundles between upper and lower drums form convective heating surface.
  • The boiler adopts coal-fired chain grate.

Parameters Table 4

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