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TEL: +86 510 85605893 85600333
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ADD: No.9 Yanxin East Road, Dev.Zone, Wuxi Jiangsu Province, 214174 P.R.China

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篮球比分直播90vs www.085205.live Equipment & Quality assurance

Quality of Xi'neng products are guaranteed by more than 300 sets excellent equipments such as plasma cutting machines, horizontal and vertical machine centers, numerical controlled drilling and mill centers, welding robots and leak detectors, real-time online imaging and full performance test platforms .

Xi'neng has established and maintained a Quality Management System certified according to the international Quality Standard ISO9001. Additionally, our Quality Management System, special processes and laboratories are proved by all of our major customers. We aspire to be respectable corporate citizens and fulfill our Responsibility to provide more efficient and environmentally friendly services.

  • Vertical lathe
  • Electronic control cabinet assembly line
  • Edge milling machine
  • Shot blasting machine
  • Lincoln Automatic Submerged Arc Welding Machine
  • Header numerical control drilling machine
  • NC Cutting Equipment
  • Membrane Wall Production Line
  • Bending machine
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